Engineering & Construction

The time- and cost-saving benefits of collecting geospatial data by drone are being realised by an increasing number of construction and engineering operations—whether using unmanned systems to monitor a site’s evolution, measure cut and fill volumes, inspect infrastructure or generate accurate 3D building models.



Drone very quickly provide high-resolution geo-accurate data of a site. The data can be acquired much quicker than through visual inspections and avoids the common safety challenges.


Earthworks (engineering)

Drones are increasingly being deployed to speed up and improve the accuracy of cut and fill measurements. This allows for more effective tracking of quantities and cost control.


Asset Inspection

The inspection of infrastructure such as bridges, dams, industrial structures and buildings has traditionally been expensive and time consuming. Our drones provide a uniquely efficient and safe method of inspecting such sites.

Energy & Infrastructure

Inspection of linear assets

Our Drones are well suited to the mapping and inspection of linear assets, which are notably difficult to monitor, such as pipelines, power lines, rail routes and waterways. Inspection with our Drones is significantly quicker and more efficient than via traditional surveying methods.

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