Mining, Quarries & Aggregates

With a single automated flight, our drones collect timely, georeferenced data that is quickly transformed into a precise 3D model of your site. This can then be used to calculate volumes, perform site surveys, optimise traffic management, design road layouts and much more.

Inventory Tracking

Inventory Tracking

Regular inventory and stockpile volume calculations increases efficiency and productivity.

Mine Site Survey

Site surveying

Mine and quarry operations can achieve great improvements in efficiency by performing regular site surveys, collecting data for their whole operation in hours rather than days.

Traffic Management

Traffic Management

Highly accurate drone data can help with site planning, optimising the design of haul riads, loading floors, stockpile locations and more. In addition drone data can be used to assess road, floor and slope conditions to ensure compliance and operational safety.


Volumetric Analysis

Regular drone flights can collect data to give highly accurate volumetric data.

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